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Services Offered

  1. Grounds Management
  2. Professional Pest Control 
  3. Fertility Programs
  4. Vegetation Management
  5. Hardscaping
  6. Irrigation Services
  7. Sports Turf Management
  8. Design Build

Welcome to Green Procedures


Since 1986, GPI has been one of the area's leading Landscape Contractors, the only Agronomist (University of Florida) owned in the area. For over 25 years we have had the reputation of honesty, reliability, and unparalleled knowledge and technical ability. 



Our Clients Include:


Hospitals...Colleges/Universities...Athletic Complexes...Military Installations...Commercial Properties... Resorts/Condos...Churches...Industrial Complexes...Select Residential Projects

In our market LEED projects have become very popular, especially with governmental entities. These projects have been designed from the beginning to have the lowest environmental impacts. We have found that while it is great to utilize native plants, many of them perform poorly in traditional landscape settings. Our early failures in this area has helped us save our clients valuable dollars on recent projects. Irrigation in this application is often deleted entirely or the water source is often a retention pond. A successful outcome for our clients is our goal as we draw from our unique challenges and put them to use.